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Welcome to TVtechWorld, a website designed and run by technicians for technicians. TVtechWorld is the most economical way for computer and electronic technicians to research information and troubleshoot technical problems. This site provides its members with a searchable problem/ solution database containing thousands of records and schematics. Through our own experiences, we have learned that sharing information is the most efficient way to save both time and money. Our technology forum addresses such topics as TV, DVD, VCR, camcorder, computer, monitor, satellite, audio repair, and so much more. This forum also provides our members with the capability of sharing digital photos of complicated repair symptoms with each other. Our newly designed “Did You Know?” feature provides you with the most current tips for working in our ever-changing field of technology. It is our goal to provide our members with the most complete and current information and tools needed to make a successful repair with just a click of your mouse!

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This is a special column that will provide troubleshooting facts, techniques, and general information that all electronic technicians should know.

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Visit our special Parts Center to share information with other members about the best deals on parts from electronic dealers across the country. Help each other locate parts and also find the best prices in town!

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